Brass Collection

Sama Sama Earrings


Artisan crafted from brass by our jeweler in Kathmandu, Nepal.

“Sama” meaning “same”. You’’ likely hear “sama sama” as “you’re welcome” in Malaysia. You might hear it in the market with a shop keeper is trying to convince you that an alternate item is just the same as the original you selected.

Traveling in Thailand and Cambodia is where I heard my favorite use of the words. “Sama sama, same same, but different” was an expression you would hear in English. These words were became one of the greatest compliments to receive. Between friendships formed with local residents, it was an honor to hear “same same but different”. Meaning, despite our differences (physical, cultural, spiritual), you and I are the same.

Our Sama Sama earrings represent the beauty of acceptance in love and friendship.

  • Two pieces of layered brass, the top piece a smaller rectangle with a silver appearance.

  • 2.5” in length

  • .25” in width

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