Blanket Coat A170

Flowers picked by little hands -  leaves torn from excitement, petals bent from being stuffed in a pocket - handed to me like it's the most precious gift.

I love arrangements too, and rose gardens, or geraniums, daisies, peonies ... but my favorites are the ones plucked spontaneously and given by a little one.

Maybe it's the fun checked collar that reminds me of Van's tennis shoes that has me stuck on the idea of younger kiddos.  My girl was a Converse high-top kind of kid.  She was obsessed, that's all she would wear from ages 4-7 or so.  She'd look adorable in her smocked dresses and insist on pairing them with her dirtiest high top shoes.  She and her brother both would come in the door with handfuls of flowers all the time.   Dammit, this coat is making me sentimental for some reason.

A170 is:

  • Lightweight Style 
  • Approx 49" x 35"
  • Reversible with holes for belting

    I have an obsession with blankets.  Beautiful, hand stitched, repurposed textiles speak to me.  There's something special in wearing fabric that was intentionally made to protect and comfort someone.

    The shape isn't tailored.  It's not supposed to be.  You're wearing a blanket.  It's that good. And yes, there are pockets.

    Every coat is one of a kind.  Made from vintage fabrics stitched by hand, your piece may have markings or worn areas that we find make our coats even more desirable.  

    Dry Cleaning or Spot Cleaning is recommended. 

    If you choose to launder your blanket coat, we suggest hand washing or washing on a delicate cycle. 

    Do NOT machine dry.