Kantha Quilts

Kantha stitching began

with creative, industrious women in India and Bangladesh repurposing rag or remnants to create usable fabric. A simple running stitch quilting layers of fabric could transform unusable pieces into fantastic blankets that were believed to provide protection.

The traditional running kantha stitch is still used today. Now, it’s common to see newly printed fabrics, re purposed saris, production misprints, remnants, and vintage fabrics combined to create items other than blankets.

The kantha stitch has now become a way to provide income for a family.

Our inventory is constantly changing. Occasionally, you will find our selection online. Currently you can see our collection in Houston, Texas at AG Antiques on 19th and at our scheduled markets.

Email us at info@sapanadreams.com if you’d like to see our current stock. We are more than happy to send you pictures and pricing information. We also love to source for clients. Finding the perfect Kanthas to use as curtain panels, wall hangings, or throws is a treasure hunt that we love!