We started with "The Original" and now have six styles, let's walk through them.

The Crop

  • approx 28"x18"
  • suggested size 3T up to women's size 10

Our smallest blanket coat. The crops are fun.  I love layering them over jumpsuits or a long dress.  They are great with denim and a t-shirt.  I've seen them styled over a swim top and shorts.  My favorite though - is on a toddler.  It fits a 3T-5T like our original blanket coat does on an adult.  It's a coat that your little can wear as they grow.  It's a coat you can steal from each other's closets.

The Mini

  • approx 31"x23"
  • suggested child size 6-12 up to women's size 12

Sometimes a crop is too short. That's when our minis come in for the win.  An original blanket coat fit for child six to eight years old and an easy jacket for someone older - hitting most just below the waist.  A fun layer for year-round wear.

The Mid

  • approx 33"x27"
  • suggested child size 10-12 up to an adult women's size 14

Mids cover a bit more.  Typically ending past the hips.   A coat that can be easily shared with your preteen.

The Slim Short

  • approx 43"x31"
  • adult free size

A smaller take on our loose fitting Original style.  The Slim Short fits like a car coat or long coat depending on your height.

The Slim

  • approx 43"x34"
  • adult free size

Our slim is the same length as our original.  It's just a few inches less fabric on either side.  That doesn't matter to everyone.  If you prefer a longer sleeve, "The Original" is still your go to.

The Original

  • approx 49"x34"
  • adult free size

Where it all began.  A large size blanket coat that feels as stylish as it does comforting.

Premium Collection

Sometimes our pieces are extra special with embroidery or patchwork that make them even more one of a kind.  Pricing will be differnt with this collection.

Depending on where you plan to wear your coat or how you want to style it - you might choose a certain weight of blanket (kantha).

  • Tissue Weights are our lightest coats. They feel barely there and have minimal structure. It's a relaxed and easy look.

  • Light Weights drape very well.  They are more relaxed than tailored and are perfect for cooler weather in a warmer climate.

  • Mid Weights are more structured than our Light Weights. They still drape beautifully, and soften even more with wear.

  • Heavy Weightscan be structured or broken in. If structured, you'll notice an "A-Line" shape. You will feel a comforting weight on your shoulders.


What is a Kantha?

Kantha comes from a Sanskrit word meaning "rag".  Saris or fabric remnants are layered and bound together with a running stitch.  That stitch is called a kantha stitch as well.  The practice began in Bangladesh and India as repurposed fabrics given new life as functional quilts.

Where are your Kanthas made?

I'm in love with the older pieces.  Quilts with a history come with their own personality and I love that.  We source and work with vintage kantha quilts so we can't tell you exactly where your blanket came from originally.  We work with a production group in Jaipur, India.  The quilts and their heritage are from that area.  It's important to me that we give employment opportunities where the textiles originally came from.

Why are there patches or marks on my coat?

I love the patches, embroidery that is incomplete, worn areas ... your coat had a life as a blanket before it came to you.  Details like this make your coat one of a kind and give it personality.

How do I care for my Blanket Coat?

Dry cleaning is recommended.  Remember these are vintage fabrics.  If you choose to launder -  we suggest spot cleaning, hand washing, or a cold water delicate cycle with a chemical free detergent.   DO NOT machine dry your coat.  Air drying is a must.  Hanging a wet coat can alter its shape.  Lay your coat open and flat to dry.  Once your coat is completely dry, you may tumble without heat for softness. I also prefer to store my coat folded, just like I would a blanket.

Still looking for your perfect one?

Tell us about your dream blanket coat. We can't make promises, but we love to help look for your special piece. Give us details! Like - "I want something that will pop and stand out. I want to turn heads. But I won't wear green" or "I'm looking for a simple coat, original fit, one that will feel cozy during the winter".