Blanket Coat A141

Darker in tones, yes, but the turquoise blue reminds me of the ocean.  This coat definitely has a beach vibe.  I suppose our model agreed when she commented there was something about it that reminded her of sea turtles.  Of course, then I wanted to keep it.  Thinking back to a dive trip with my kids when they were little.  It was a night dive in the Philippines.  We turned off all of our lights at one point.  It was the most unnerving, beautiful, peaceful, terrifying moment all jumbled together.  When we turned our lights back on - surprise - a massive sea turtle was right by my son.    Now, I can't help but picture someone wrapped in this coat, still wet from the ocean, filling out their dive log.

I have an obsession with blankets.  Beautiful, hand stitched, repurposed textiles speak to me.  There's something special in wearing fabric that was intentionally made to protect and comfort someone.

The shape isn't tailored.  It's not supposed to be.  You're wearing a blanket.  It's that good. And yes, there are pockets.

Every coat is one of a kind.  Made from vintage fabrics stitched by hand, your piece may have markings or worn areas that we find make our coats even more desirable.  

Dry Cleaning or Spot Cleaning is recommended. 

If you choose to launder your blanket coat, we suggest hand washing or washing on a delicate cycle. 

Do NOT machine dry.
  • Light Weight Style
  • Approx 49" x 35"
  • Reversible with holes for belting