Blanket Coat B203

 "Bubble gum pink with a kick" is how people described her when she was little.  Her mom would dress her in pastels with bows and ruffles.  She'd spin in her dresses to rate them by their "twirl".   Even as a kid she had a sassy personality and a sharp sense of humor.  You never knew what to expect from that spunky little bit.  She's still the same today, this is her coat. 

This coat is detailed and embroidered. But it drapes beautifully as it's softly worn in.  It is a light to mid weight style.


 I have an obsession with blankets.  Beautiful, hand stitched, repurposed textiles speak to me.  There's something special in wearing fabric that was intentionally made to protect and comfort someone.

The shape isn't tailored.  It's not supposed to be.  You're wearing a blanket.  It's that good. And yes, there are pockets.

Every coat is one of a kind.  Made from vintage fabrics stitched by hand, your piece may have markings or worn areas that we find make our coats even more desirable.  

Dry Cleaning or Spot Cleaning is recommended. 

If you choose to launder your blanket coat, we suggest hand washing or washing on a delicate cycle. 

Do NOT machine dry.
  • Light to Mid Weight Style
  • Embroidered
  • Approx 49" x 35"
  • Reversible with holes for belting

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