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Crop B105

Crop B105

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A blanket coat as an anniversary gift - he knew that she'd love it.  He'd never felt more confident about a purchase.  She told him one time that she wanted to be a ghost for Halloween when she was 6 years old.  A truly homemade costume - a sheet of white fabric draped over her body.  The reason she wanted to be a ghost ... the idea of walking around in a "blankie" on a night that scared her sounded so cozy.  Her mom bought her a costume instead.  A beautiful princess gown with layers of ruffles (itchy ones) and a crystal crown (that hurt her head).  Yes, she needed a blanket coat - he wouldn't even have to explain the reasoning behind the purchase.  She'd love it.

B105 is more of a mid weight.  It's "cushy" and soft.  It will break down as it's worn, but it is a more structured coat.  Pink with cream and green diamonds.  The reverse is orange with a navy blue almost black pattern.

The crop is the smallest of our six looks.  Style it as a bolero, a top over a swimsuit, or as a longer warmer coat for a toddler.

  • Crop
  • Approx 29" x 19" 
  • Structure: Mid Weight
  • Reversible 

    Dry Cleaning or Spot Cleaning is recommended. 

    If you choose to launder your blanket coat, we suggest hand washing or washing on a delicate cycle. 

    Do NOT machine dry.

    Every coat is one of a kind.  Made from vintage fabrics stitched by hand, your piece may have markings or worn areas that we find make our coats even more storied and unique.

    Scan the QR code label hidden in the collar of your coat to learn more about the kanthas we use to make our blanket coats.


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