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Kantha 0801

Approx 66"x88"

An absolutely beautiful piece.  Midweight.  But, it drapes beautifully as a throw.  I love the combinations of browns, oranges, blacks, blues and reds (it does sport one large pink patch on the orange side).  The white kantha stitching is quite dense.  Accents of heavier stitches in black and red stand out dramatically on the cream side. 

The orange side shown in the photographs is a bit bleached and faded.  The color is stronger in other areas.


Kantha comes from the Sanskrit word meaning rag. Saris or fabric remnants layered & bound with a running stitch.

The practice began in Bangladesh & India. Many makers believe the blankets provided protection from harm.

Ensuring our vintage pieces are sourced ethically is a must. Our collection is truly vintage.Patches, marks, etc make your piece uniquely your own.

We recommend laundering with cold water, and a gentle detergent on a delicate cycle.Air drying is best.

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