Kantha 0804

Approx 60"x96"

Excellent kantha stitching holds this midweight quilt together.  I love pieces with darker, printed sides to use as picnic blankets, or for outdoor entertaining.  The shades of blue are deep in this kantha.  A khaki background with navy details and coral tropical flowers are on one side with a reverse side showing plaids made up of greens, khaki, and blues.  This is a piece that will become softer and more pliable with washings.  


Kantha comes from the Sanskrit word meaning rag. Saris or fabric remnants layered & bound with a running stitch.

The practice began in Bangladesh & India. Many makers believe the blankets provided protection from harm.

Ensuring our vintage pieces are sourced ethically is a must. Our collection is truly vintage.Patches, marks, etc make your piece uniquely your own.

We recommend laundering with cold water, and a gentle detergent on a delicate cycle.Air drying is best.