Kantha 0806


Approx 60" x 88"

The stitch work,  the colors, this one is so much fun.  The stitching is incredibly tight, but not uniform.  The lines of the running stitch are straight but the lengths of the stitching varies - creating so much interest that I absolutely love.  The threads on either short end have not been trimmed, this is one of my favorite details to find on kanthas.   Purples, a golden orange, green - this kantha has personality.  It's a lighter weight perfect for year round use.   This blanket makes me happy.


Kantha comes from the Sanskrit word meaning rag. Saris or fabric remnants layered & bound with a running stitch. The practice began in Bangladesh & India. Many makers believe the blankets provided protection from harm.

Ensuring our pieces are sourced ethically is a must.  Each blanket is one of a kind.  Patches, marks, etc make your piece uniquely your own.

We recommend laundering with cold water, and a gentle detergent on a delicate cycle.Air drying is best