Blanket Coat A105

The Story for Coat A105
I struggle with writing the description for this one because I selfishly want to keep it. Years ago, my dad was named "Farmer of the Year" for our county.  Several of us flew in to surprise him at the banquet.  He wasn't there.  The Farmer of the Year was on his combine, harvesting at night, getting it done.  Someone was able to reach him by phone.  He rushed into town and humbly accepted his award.  This is what I would have worn if I would have owned it at the time.  
Endless fields of wheat underneath a panhandle sky at night.  I can picture it and feel it.  The movement in the air and the noise of the stalks swaying.  The smell of the earth and the tickle in your nose from the dirt.  More stars than you can count in the sky.   My regret - taking this gorgeous piece of land for granted growing up.
 This particular coat, stole my heart and the storylines came rushing in.  It was hard to choose which story I told and to abbreviate my thoughts.   It sold quickly.  I knew it would.  It wasn't easy for me when I saw the order come through - it did help that I know the person who purchased it and I know she'll appreciate it.  It's just not possible to keep every single one I fall in love with.
   Words came easy with this one.  I settled on the story of my dad winning Farmer of the Year.  But I could have easily gone in another direction - describing driving past wheat fields on Texas highways and Farm to Market Roads.  Recalling high school memories of driving those farm roads at night to see friends in neighboring small towns.  I was also tempted to write about the parties we had at the farm.
   My brother would host "Rib Fest".  Bands would play, set up on a trailer as a stage. Lights would be strung across the patio, the back drop of the fields at night was fantastic.  One year a storm blew through and we quickly swept out the barn and brought everyone inside to hear an acoustic set played by a band from the Texas Hill Country.
   I almost went with the story of my dad's last wheat harvest and traveling up to help him with that.  Coming home with a few stalks that are now framed in my house.
   Phoebe, you have an amazing coat on it's way to you.  I hope it makes you feel beautiful and you create your own memories while wearing it.  You have one of my favorites.