Changing Direction

Changing Direction


This arrow used to be nailed to a post on trail by my parent's property in the Texas Hill Country.  I'd find every opportunity I could to sneak my family out of Houston and head to their place.  Collecting rocks, kicking dirt, and exploring creeks and paths were priorities. 

It was loosely held in place by a screw on a trail frequented by horseback riders.  My two little ones would giggle and reorient the arrow whenever we happened on it.  The idea that they were changing the journey and destination of the next adventurers tickled them to no end.  This went on for a few years.  Their faces dropped the first time we saw the post without the arrow.  CJ spotted it on the ground hidden in the grass and attempted to rehang it.  When it kept falling off, he asked if he could keep it.  It's been part of my home in Houston, Malaysia, and now College Station ever since.

I love the idea of changing direction, fresh starts, and new adventures.

That's happening over here now.  SAPANA is in the middle of a shift.  In a few weeks you'll see a new logo, new colors, new stories.

Our makers have done so much over the past two years.  Their efforts and determination during lock downs and shipping uncertainties were impressive.

I want to celebrate them and help them grow their businesses.  That feeling that I get when I fall in love with a hand crafted piece - I want to share that with you. To do this, I'm choosing to take a different path. The goal will always be to bring you beautiful things made by good people.  The destination is still the same - only changing the way I bring that to you.





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