Coming Back Home (From 6th Collective)

Coming Back Home (From 6th Collective)

Sapana retail space at From 6th Collective in Amarillo Texas

I’m a Texas Panhandle girl and I didn’t appreciate that growing up (I regret that now).  In my eyes at the time all I saw was a brown, dusty, windy place.  I had my mind made up that anything with creativity, style, or imagination didn’t exist north of Dallas.  What a lousy thing to think/believe at the time.  But when you are a sour faced, stubborn teenager in a small town - that’s probably not an unusual way to feel.  Later I learned how very wrong I was and I regret realizing that as late in life as I did.

I left town as soon as I could after graduating high school.  Visits home were good but it was still the Panhandle.  It was after my engagement that I started to feel pulled back to the area.  I wanted to get married in the church I grew up in.  The outpouring of love and support for my bridal shower and our reception - that was humbling.  Our rehearsal dinner was at our farm. I'm looking at the fields and the sky above with several out of state guests and they are commenting about how beautiful and peaceful it was.  I remember thinking  “how did I miss this before”?

Computers, email, and social media became a thing. And, two girls that I used to babysit were online.  One was laying out all things good and bad about her escape to New Zealand.  The other was in Colorado and putting together these fantastic images and music clips that I envied.  I started to think about the people that I grew up with and realized how much creative talent I overlooked.  I was always surrounded by family friends that were artists or makers but I never noticed.

Older now and traveling to The Panhandle or through it to visit family in Wyoming - I’m always struck with the beauty of the land (the same place that I couldn’t wait to leave).  The break in the land and the train tracks just outside of Memphis - the layers of color and rock in Palo Duro Canyon - the massive expanse of sky above fields of crops.

Somehow on social media I ran across a store in Amarillo - From 6th Collective.  It was similar to a concept I had been a part of in Houston with Sapana a few years before.  I flew in for the funeral of a close family friend and found myself with some time to spare and I ran out to take a look for myself.  Once again, I was taken aback with the talent and creativity that was in The Panhandle (now realizing that it was always there).   In November 20203 I decided to visit it again and learned of available space.  A month later - I was headed back “home” to bring Sapana to the Panhandle.

I hope From 6th Collective is a location where my New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Panhandle clients can shop in person.  Even more, I hope it's a source of inspiration for me and serves as a reminder not to overlook or underestimate people/places. And an excuse to visit more often.

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Tuesday - Sunday 10a to 6p     18100 West I40 - Amarillo, Texas

Exterior entrance to From 6th Collective in Amarillo, Texas

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