Folding My Blanket Coats

Folding My Blanket Coats

My husband designed the closet in our home.  He put a lot of thought into the space and met several times with our builder and trim carpenter.  Shelves, hanging rods, shoe racks, drawers - all of that was important.  But, not as important as it was to divide the large walk-in closet into two sections.

His dream closet was one where he walked in and saw his clothes and shoes perfectly arranged. AND, where he didn’t have to see my “mess” at all unless he purposefully turned a corner.

He’s a bit OCD and he’s a Marine.  No exaggeration, I could go in right now with a ruler and measure the space between each and every hanger - it would all be the same.   Even his t-shirts are organized - casual t-shirts, t-shirts to wear out, and t-shirts that should only be worn to work in. 

It relaxes him to see his things kept orderly.  It adds to my stress. And, he insists on wire hangers.  I mean, who uses wire hangers?  You have to use nicer hangers not because it looks good or protects your fabrics - but because they grip your clothes and there’s less of a chance that your shirt will slide off onto the floor with the others.

My side …. I try, I really do.  But it just doesn’t happen.  I’m a bit ADD and a creative.  I just googled “the science behind a messy closet” to make myself feel better.  Here’s what I found … “ others feel they're most creative amid the chaos”.  Let’s go with that.  The following paragraphs went into feelings of overwhelm, depression,  Yeah - I stopped reading the article when all of that started.

Not everything in my closet is in disarray.  My blanket coats are stacked prettily in the cubbies my husband had built to divide the room.  I love folding them.  I love stacking them.  I love rearranging them in the stack.  Seeing them makes me happy - sounds silly I know, but that’s me.

My mids, minis, and crops are on hangers and I’m fine with that.  But, I like to store my slim shorts, slims, and originals folded.  I feel like they keep their shape better this way.  And again -  they just look pretty..

I fold them just like I would a blanket.

Open the collar, match the top corners of the sleeve openings, drop and fold in half, fold in half one more time.

(that’s another thing - he can fold a fitted sheet perfectly.  Like, I can’t tell the difference between a flat or fitted sheet in our linen closet - unless I was the one who folded it.)

He has been traveling for work.  As I type this I’m doing the math to anticipate when he might arrive home tomorrow.  You know, figuring out how much time I have to pick up my side just a little bit before he gets home.




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