Life Happens - How to Care for Your Blanket Coat

Life Happens - How to Care for Your Blanket Coat

I swear if there is anyone who can fall up stairs, trip on air, or get a stain on a stain proof couch - I’m your girl.

One of my closest friends in Malaysia was Princess Melissa.  No, she wasn’t an actual princess and no that wasn’t a snarky nickname (I adore her).  Melissa is effortless perfection.  Everything about her was pure grace - her accent and the way she stretched out the syllables of each word, she slid through a room instead of walking (even in the highest of heels), her skin was flawless with gorgeous lips and eyes, and her wardrobe always on point and spotless.  All of this and she has the most genuine and giving heart, so you couldn’t help but love her.

We decided to go on a family adventure together four wheeling through the jungle.  I showed up in my not name brand exercise shorts and top from an American sporting goods store with the oldest tennis shoes I had.  I didn’t have a stitch of makeup on and I had my hair hurriedly thrown into a messy ponytail and under a hat. Melissa steps out of her car in all white. To go mudding.  In the jungle.  All White. She was glowing.

At the end of the ride I was flushed from excitement and sun, my hair even more tangled, and mud all over my legs.

Melissa was perfect.  You’d swear she didn’t actually join our group.  Not a speck of dirt on her white outfit,  hair beautifully wind blown, and she had the most delightful grin.  That was Princess Melissa.  And I miss her terribly.

Melissa - skip this blog post. It’s not for you.  It’s for people like me who wear their life on their clothing and bruised skin.

I want you to live with your kanthas and in your blanket coats.  They were originally stitched to serve a purpose in the home so why shouldn’t we use them every day as well?

But sometimes, life happens - a spill or brushing up against something.


Remember that your coat is made from vintage fabrics. 

It lived a life and wrote its own stories before coming to you.  Be mindful of this as you make a decision on how to care for your coat.


I always recommend professional cleaning (chemical free) to be safe. 

Especially with a coat that is worn in areas or where the embroidery is particularly delicate. (We will start including an additional care tag with this type of coat)


If you choose to launder your coat yourself you do have options.

  • Spot clean, with a gentle chemical free soap
  • Hand wash (again with a gentle, chemical free detergent)
  • Use the hand wash cycle on your machine (DO NOT use an upright washing machine with an agitator)

It's so very important though, that you DO NOT put your wet coat in the dryer.
  • Lay it flat to dry (I’ve been known to spread my larger coats across the washing machine and dryer until it’s dry)
  • I also have the most amazing drying rack in my utility room.  I do rotate the coat as it’s drying if I use this.
  • IF your coat is stiff after drying, I will put my 110% dry coat into my dryer on no heat to tumble it soft for just a bit.

What happens if it was an exceptionally good spill and your coat is stained? 

Don’t worry.  It happens.  Patch it!  Reach out to Sapana and we will help you choose a kantha patch that can cover the area you need to repair or hide.


Kantha quilts were sewn to used.  Blanket coats were sewn to be loved.  Do not be afraid to wear yours.  Treat it kindly when it needs to be cleaned.  And don’t give up if you’ve really done a number on it.  Patch it, the same as would have been done in its first life.

We can’t all be Princess Melissa - but that’s what makes her even more special.

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