March 25th with Jordan Geibel

March 25th with Jordan Geibel

Monday, March 25th at the store is going to be a fun one.  Jordan Geibel will be debuting her art collection at Sapana.  I’m honored to be the host!

Jordan posted about the showing on her personal Facebook page like this: “I got inspired to make some art.”  I was tickled with her low key announcement - very Jordan.

Black and white photography brought to life with thread and other embellishments.  The pictures she’s chosen to work with really become a colorful story.  I asked her how the idea came about and she said, "The collection was inspired by my trip to Morocco.  I saw some art in a small shop in the souks - that got my wheels turning”.

She carefully selects every picture.  “I choose photos through my research with local databases and collections.  As well as a few photos from my own travels”

Whenever I see Jordan (and Paloma, her Sheepadoodle sidekick) in Round Top, she looks like she’s at home.  This creative place seems to suit her well.  If you ask her how she feels about show season, she’ll tell you she “loves Round Top because it’s a gathering and celebration of makers from all over the world.  It’s like everything that I love about traveling wrapped up into two weeks”. 

Jordan and I met at the end of a painfully cold day a few Winter Shows back. She liked the coats and ended up with one of our “original” Originals.  She had a genuine interest in the textiles and the shape.  I was freezing and socially exhausted - my words weren’t making much sense and that didn’t throw her off.  I appreciated that.  So, we met for coffee the next week to talk about her helping Sapana with all things creative.

I’m grateful my rush of ideas didn't scare her. She simply said, “okay, let’s figure it out".  Even on board for a trip to India, where she styled and managed one of my favorite photo shoots.  That's when I realized she could take all my creative chaos and create a balanced visual.

I don’t know how best to explain it - I could hand her the largest tumbleweed and say “Work your magic”.  Come back the next day to perfectly arranged and spaced tiny balls of twisted twigs mounted on a beautiful backdrop.  Jordan can transform my tumbleweed of thoughts into unexpected art.

Come meet Jordan and see her work on the 25th!  She's going to be one of those people that you can say "I knew her when". 

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