Our Dhurrie Collection

Our Dhurrie Collection

Have you heard me say "more than just a bag"?  I mean that.

Dhurrie rugs/bags were not something I considered when starting Sapana.  Block print pajamas were the focus.  But, my tailor had a few clutches that I bought and brought home as gifts.  They were a hit!

I had a friend when I grew up, her mother had this giant loom set up in her house.  All those strings and moving wooden parts captured me.

I only saw her weaving in person a few times.  Seated at this giant loom working with her hands (and if I remember correctly - her feet on pedals) - It reminded me of a piano, maybe because her daughter played the piano and flute. Their artistic and musical abilities made an impression.

As we traveled Southeast Asia, I continued to find myself drawn to hand-loomed textiles.  So, why not add a dhurrie collection to Sapana? I loved the fabric on its own - the texture and strength. I started to learn how important the weaving industry was to India, especially in rural areas and decided this product line was especially important.  

Weaving serves as a lifeline for many rural communities in India, providing sustainable livelihoods to several people - farmers, spinners, dyers, weavers, and tailors.  The craft is often kept within families as they pass on the art and techniques through generations.

Back to your tote or clutch.  Can you see now how it's more than just a bag? 

I'm excited to expand this line this year - working more with my own designs and color palates.  More on that later!  For now, here's a video that Amit Sihag put together for Sapana that I think captures the process and tells the story of our makers.

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