Step into Style With Wimberly

Step into Style With Wimberly

I met some women who were planning their trip to Round Top, Texas. They asked the usual questions - where they should stay, where they should eat, where to shop. The spunky one in the group interrupted and said, “Forget about all of that. What do we wear? That’s what’s important!” 

She was right to ask. There definitely is a Round Top look. I told her, “You know your favorite thing in your closet? The jeans, dress, or shirt that you love to wear but you don’t. Maybe you feel like it’s too much, or it’s not what everyone else is wearing … bring it, wear it, and rock it”. 

The beauty of the Round Top style is that you can express yourself. If you dress authentically and wear it confidently, I guarantee you’ll get more than a few compliments. And, you will fit in perfectly - being yourself.

Oh, but you do need a hat and boots. 

The hat isn't a vibe, it’s practical. You’re going to be outside. Weather depending - that means sun, wind, or maybe rain. It doesn’t have to be a cowboy hat; it can be a baseball cap. Whatever your kind of hat is - bring it. There will be at least one day you will be happy to have it.

Boots? Again, you’re outside and doing a lot of walking. Sometimes, there will be mud, dust, and tall grass … They don’t have to be Western boots. If combat boots are your thing, or a good bootie - pack those. That said, Round Top is the place to rock a western boot. And if you want something one-of-a-kind - vintage is a great idea.

Wimberly on Henkel Square is where you want to go.

At the entrance to Henkel Square, you’ll find Wimberly. So much good inside. Jewelry, gifts, outfits …. and her vintage boot collection is fantastic. 

Year-round, she has an incredible selection. During the shows, I feel like she doubles down and brings in more. Colors, patterns, custom stitching, and leatherwork - endless choices with a great range of sizes. You’re going to find something that is “you .” And, there’s also a good chance she will have someone at the store to personalize them even more by hand painting details like your initials.

During Spring and Fall Shows, you can also find Wimberly at The Arbors.

Be yourself. Bring a hat. Bring boots. Go home with a new/old pair to wear when you come back.


Wimberly, Inc 

The Arbors at Round Top

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