The Galveston Coat

The Galveston Coat

With pale skin and red hair you wouldn’t think that I’d love the beach as much as I do.  Once I finally mastered the art of sunscreen and overcame my irrational fear of sharks (even out of the water - I was really little - “Jaws” did a number on me), it became a favorite escape.

I remember at one point when I wasn’t taking care of myself like I should - my body craving the beach.  Forget vitamins or supplements, I wanted the sun itself as my source of Vitamin D - even salt water felt healing.

Beach memories - those are a thing too, especially with the kids.  Even the idea of being touched by his baby sister drove my son crazy, she caught on to that very early and I love that I captured that on “Poppy’s Island” in North Carolina.   He later repaid her in several ways, but I caught one moment years later in Galveston when he teased her by “just barely” clearing her sandcastle in Galveston.  These two kiddos grew a lot closer to each other when we moved to Malaysia.  The ocean was a part of that as well - diving and traveling.

This picture of me and my husband, I had to force him to take it.  He was quite agitated, embarrassed, and frustrated seconds before and after.  We (he) ran his dad’s boat into a sandbar and the kids and I spent quite a while digging us out and cleaning barnacles from the underside of the boat after Sea Tow couldn’t help us. The kids and I made the most of it - I think it's something we can finally laugh about now.

Walking on an empty beach just on the water’s edge at sunrise, sunset, or even in the dark of night brings a mix of feelings to me.  It can be a calming and reflective moment. It can be quiet enough to recall my favorite beach memories. It can also be intimidating and make me feel small - trying to truly understand how immense and beautiful God's creation is.  That’s a dangerous rabbit hole for an overthinker - it can go anywhere.  When I realized a blanket coat was great for the chill, after getting wet, or to help quiet my mind on a walk like that - they became a staple on my "to the beach" packing list.

I wore a white blanket coat in Galveston once and there was a picture.  I don’t remember who coined the term - but several customers tried to buy the coat from me and started calling this neutral style “The Galveston”.  You’ll find a few online now and at the storefront and The Arbors during this Spring Show in Round Top.


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