The Sweetest Gift

The Sweetest Gift

Unexpected, spontaneous gifts are the best - especially when there is so much thought and intention behind them. This week, a package that was mailed ages ago made its way to me and it got me choked up. 

I grew up in a small town in the Texas Panhandle - not a lot of options for shopping. Our mailbox would be stuffed full of mail order catalogues.  I was a reader, and if I had already read through books we had at home and my library books, I would move to reading the catalogues.

I'd look at the furniture, dishes, or clothing and dream up stories about the people who had those pieces.  The Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog was the best, until I discovered J. Peterman and old Banana Republic mailers.  

Printed on incredible textured paper neither book had photographs but illustrations.  And every piece of clothing had its own story.  Page by page I would wear these catalogues out within a week or two of delivery.

Banana Republic rebranded, and their entire look became something different.  J Peterman became a thing because of the Seinfeld sitcom.  Look at their Instagram, they've stayed true to their beginnings, and they continue to sketch their clothing and tell stories. 

My coats are special to me.  Unpacking them, my mind runs with thoughts of the original maker or who would wear them and where.  Selling them online is difficult because you don't get to understand the true texture or drape.  So, I started to describe the coats in the way that I saw them.  In hopes that would help you understand the "personality" of the coat.  I wasn't thinking of J Peterman when I started doing that.  Well, I guess I was - subconsciously.  I never told anyone about loving those catalogues either.  It was just something I enjoyed as a kid. 

One day I was scrolling on social media and came across this post from "The Franklin La Grange"

Susie Davis (more about her in a Sapana Story next week) had posted about Sapana on the page for The Franklin, her rental in La Grange just outside Round Top.  But, the way she did it ...  Grace who works with Susie, sketched a blanket coat.   I teared up when I saw the post and again this week when I opened the gift.

She captured every sweet detail, showed the movement, caught the pockets .... she made me J Peterman cool - without even knowing that was something special to me.  They shipped me a bundle of the cards months ago and they just arrived this week.  That rush of emotions hit me all over again.  I can't wait to frame one for the store and one for the house.

Thank you, Susie and Grace for making me feel "cool".  And, for thinking of me.  Both of you bring me so much joy.  I'm so grateful that we met.


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