Unpacking 2021

2020 we were supposed to be celebrating my parent's 50th wedding anniversary in Utah - that didn't happen.  Trying again, we planned Christmas in Wyoming with family.  But, it was 2020 and we had to cancel those plans as well.  I wasn't okay with not making those trips and I carried that with me for too long.
This Christmas we made it work.  We did miss my older brother and his family, that was lousy, but the rest of us were able to get together and it was so good.
Driving up there for 22 straight hours, keeping a hamster hidden from my mother for a week, a car sick dog, driving home on ice and getting out of Wyoming just before the winter storm hit hard .....  those things weren't good. That's another post, maybe.
This Christmas was exactly what I needed.  We made it home, and now I have to unpack.
I've reserved this week between Christmas and New Years for unpacking - not from the trip, but from 2021.
Thinking about what worked and what didn't.  Allowing myself to step away from things that weren't positive or genuinely "me".  Making room to focus on a new journey.  Taking the time to articulate what that journey is so I don't lose sight of the goal or get distracted on the way. And, most importantly adjusting things so that I can slow down and find time for family, creativity, and myself.  I want big things for Sapana and our makers.  Creating a clear space to make that happen is a priority.
It's not very exciting - unpacking.  I'm not happy about it. It makes me anxious.  It's stress inducing.  It's overwhelming.  I want to jump into next week - all things new.  But, I have to unpack (literally and figuratively).  I keep reminding myself of the exciting things I'm making room for - the growth I want to bring to the small businesses I work with.
Actually, I'd love nothing more than to pause and make a vision board for the new direction.  I'd could say it would help motivate me, make me move forward - but really it would be a distraction from "unpacking".
What's that trending song on instagram? "Can we skip to the good part?"
The good part is coming .... and will be even better after unpacking.