What to do in Round Top - Christmas Parade

What to do in Round Top - Christmas Parade

I think my earliest Christmas memory was when I asked Santa for (and got) a stuffed pink pig.  I think of the story and can see a photograph of that Christmas Day in my mind.  Me, in a nightgown in our wood paneled living room, holding my pig by the Christmas tree, I remember being so happy.  Years later my mom corrected my memory of that day.  Evidently, I wasn't happy.  I was upset.  Because I got gifts in addition to my pig and all I asked for was that pink stuffed animal.  All I can think/say is "what a spoiled brat".  I laugh a bit as I type that.  But really?  I was upset I got more than one gift?  Surely, they told me how ridiculous that was.

Candle lit Christmas Eve services.  Participating in our church's live Nativity.  My husband and I taking our own kids on hayrides to look at neighborhood lights.

With colder weather, Christmas decorations, smells of gingerbread and cinnamon, hot cocoa and peppermint, Christmas carols on the radio .... it's no wonder that Christmas can be such a magical experience.

2022 was my first Christmas in Round Top.  Someone asked if Sapana would be participating in the Christmas Parade.  I considered it for quick moment.  It was last minute and the only thing I knew was the parade was at night.  I thought - we could throw some lights on my husband's jeep and ride with everyone.  I was busy with the store and our family events, so I dismissed the idea pretty fast.  And I am so glad I did.....  A few leftover strands of lights on our jeep?  That tickles me now after seeing the parade.

The town square around the courthouse is beautifully lit and decorated.  Our day was busy with shoppers who were so excited to watch the parade.  Our porch and the parking area in front of the store started to fill with eager families setting out chairs well before the actual start time.  The day had all the makings of a Hallmark Christmas commercial.

The sun set and Christmas music came on from speakers in the square.  I was inside the store and ran outside when I heard little ones start to squeal with excitement.

Elaborate floats with Santas, elves, families, Christmas trees, snowmen .... they were all making their way through town and around the square.  Our jeep would have looked like the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree in comparison. No, I won't be participating in 2023 either. Not because I can't compete - but if I was in the parade, I couldn't watch it!

Round Top is a special place year round.  But Christmas time in the small town - you have to experience it at least once.


Find details about the Parade and other Round Top Christmas events from the Chamber of Commerce at this link:

Round Top Christmas


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