What's my Blanket Coat Style?

What's my Blanket Coat Style?

Six coat shapes now.  Six.  It all started from one look a couple of years ago, the original (it's still my favorite).  I listened to people carefully as they tried the coat on and acted on their suggestions - and that's how we ended up with multiple looks.

Each of these shapes has their own following.  We won't be getting rid of any of them.  In fact, there's a new one in the works that I'm praying we have finalized for Fall Show 2023.  

Here's a link to a page on the website that explains the different looks.

Blanket Coat 101 – Sapana Dreams

But, let me give you a more casual introduction here.

The Original

This is where it began.  I love this coat.  It's our largest shape.  It can be an oversized look in the best way.  I tend to style mine over clothing that are a slimmer fit so that the look is balanced.  Wearing it with jeans and boots with a little bit of a heel is my favorite way to style it.  But remember it is a kantha, a blanket.  It's also an elevated "snuggie" if you will.  I have one that looks incredible in my living room.  It's on the back of my sofa for when my husband turns the ceiling fan on.  It's a porch coat too, or one to wear around the firepit.  It's our coziest of coats.  Customers who love it are really obsessed with it. 

The Slim

A smidge different from The Original.  It's the same length but it's more narrow - so less bulk if you will.  I find that people who are drawn to it are more petite.  5'3" and under (that's me, and I still wear The Original and Slim).  They say they don't feel as overwhelmed by fabric in this style.  Others prefer the longer "sleeve" of the original.  Keep in mind every fabric is different.  So, a light weight Original that drapes may be an option too if you are drawn to the Slim look.

The Slim Short

Same width as our slim, but shorter.  Can you tell that I ran out of creative steam when it came to naming these shapes?  Again, this style started as a height thing.  Some customers felt The Original was too long so the Slim Short was born.  I love the A Line look on me (remember I'm 5'3") and my daughter who is much taller - it looks more like a car coat.  It's a great tailgate coat too.  College colors in this look go fast. It's the smallest shape in our collection of "big" coats.

The Mid

Now we are getting into a different shape.  The Mid, Mini, and Crop don't have the volume that our longer coats have and they are shorter too.  The Mid works for so many things. Shorts, jeans - but also over legging and workout clothes for the gym or Pilates.  We are also getting into the styles that look like our larger blanket coats on kids.  That's right - it's a coat to share!  The Mid, on most, is going to come to the hips or cover them.  There are days when I'm not about to put on a crop.  This is the smaller shape that I reach for. (Because I'm not the gym rat that I used to be.)

The Mini

It's going to hit the waist on most people.  The pockets are tiny.  For two reasons.  One, if you fill them up - the coat isn't going to look the way I wanted it to.  And secondly, we first made this shape for little ones!  This coat will look like our Original on a 6-7 year old.  The idea of sharing a coat - it's just too sweet.  I have the sweetest picture in my head of sitting out on the porch with my daughter when she was a little bit.  The two of us in almost matching blanket coats.  Too late for that!  As a 20 something, she wears this shape and her Crop over her swim top and denim shorts too.  I am NOT going to try and copy that look.  And you should thank me for that.

The Crop

It's our smallest.  Over a jumpsuit or like a Bolero over a sundress.  Or, with high waisted jeans.  Everyone asks about what to wear underneath - no rules is my motto.  I love it with a starched collared blouse - long sleeves even.  I roll them to 3/4 length.  Here's a shameless plug for my friend, Heidi.  I'm obsessed with her blouses.   Heidi Houston

A tank top, camisole, or even concert tee - work too.  Here's why I absolutely love this shape.  Look at it on a little bit.  Is it not the cutest!  (She's three)


I hope that helps you.  Especially if you can't make it in the store to try them on in person.  There's a bit more to it - texture and weights of the coats.  I'll cover that soon in another post.  I talk a bit about it on our Blanket Coat 101 page.



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