Where To Eat in Round Top - Pie Haven

Where To Eat in Round Top - Pie Haven

I left my cup of coffee on the counter at my house this morning.  I was annoyed on my drive in, but secretly was happy for the excuse to pop over to Pie Haven this morning.

Royer's Cafe is Round Top famous.  Rightfully so - the food is fantastic, but it's comforting at the same time if that makes any sense.  You feel like you are dining with your best friends and family, not sitting in a restaurant with strangers. I'm losing my train of thought.  Royers - famous for Pies .... Pie Haven - yup, Royer's Pies!  

Pie Haven is tucked under trees on Henkel Square. The owner, Tara, has made sure that it's a happy place.  Encouraging words "sharpied" on the walls.  I'm sure you've seen pictures on Pinterest or social media of perfectly decorated rooms with framed quotes and scriptures - perfectly curated spaces.  That's not Pie Haven, and I think that's why I love it so much.  I don't know the thought behind styling the place.  The way I imagine it - Tara or an employee hears something that sticks with them, something that makes an impact, or makes them smile.  Their response - they grab a marker and add it to the wall.  I'm sure that's not how it really happens, but that's the story in my head.  Grab a take away coffee and you'll find a note on the lid.  "You are loved" was my message today.  It was sweet to be reminded of that on a hectic day.  

This morning I grabbed a muffin and coffee.  But, you'll often find a line of people waiting for Royer's famous pies. I also got a reminder of a friend I love.  Kendall Boggs, a friend of mine and an artist, shows at The Arbors during show season.  I like to find her painting on the wall of the pie shop.  Kendall is a handful, and she makes life fun.  Seeing her hearts and signature makes me happy. Getting my caffeine fix, a sweet note, and a latte - it was a great way to start this Saturday.  

Royer's Pie Haven

Kendall Boggs Fine Art - she'll make you laugh!

Royer's Pie Haven, Henkel Square, Round Top, Texas  Royer's Pie Haven Henkel Square Round Top Texas
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