Where to Shop in Round Top - Lollitop Sweetshop

Where to Shop in Round Top - Lollitop Sweetshop

I'm a stress eater.  And I often reach for chocolate or anything sweet really when I've reached my limit.  That candy at the checkout?  I swear they put it there to mess with people like me.  And, it works. 

I usually grab Rollos, Snickers, anything and casually put it in the middle of my other items.  When the cashier rings it up and asks "would you like to take this?" instead of putting it in the bag, my reaction is well rehearsed.

I'll either act surprised or nonchalant depending on my mood.  "No, it's a surprise for someone, you can bag it, thank you though".  Then I watch to see what bag my treat goes in.  And I follow it with my eyes - like you follow a ball under one of three cups - you know that game.  I get the car and all of my bags go in the back - except the important one.  It goes up front with me.  And I usually eat the candy before starting the car.  

In Round Top - in Henkel Square - TWO doors down from Sapana .... I have Lollitop Sweetshop.  Owned by the Michies who also own Round Top Brewing and Lyric Salon - it's a must stop shop on the square.  If you have littles with you that you need to reward or bribe.  Or, if your littles are at home and you want to bring them something from Round Top - this is your place.

Brooke stocks the shop with baked goods, specialty candy, and the classics that you haven't seen since you were a kid.  Coffee?  She usually has that too (ask for heavy cream - they keep it in the fridge).

It's an adorable store that has a gingerbread house feel to it.  Hula Hoops and balls out in their front yard for kids young and old.  Don't miss it on your next trip.



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