Where to stay in Round Top - The Farmstead

Where to stay in Round Top - The Farmstead

Some of my favorite Round Top days where long ago when my kids were in preschool.  My friends and I would drop them at school, arrange for the dads to pick them up and watch them until we got home.  We'd make the drive from the Houston area for the day.

When I started showing at The Arbors I would make the drive from Houston every morning and evening. Close to 3 hours driving each day - it was a lot.  One show, The Farmstead posted on Instagramthat they had a cancellation.  I jumped on it.  And I'm so glad I did.

If you're familiar with the area, The Farmstead is seconds away from one of my favorite venues - Excess I & II.  My shoulders dropped when I pulled up to the property.  After a long show day Farmstead felt familiar and comfortable.  Peaceful even, which was a great surprise - a place so close to shopping but tucked away in a quiet spot.

White cottages with porches and metal roofs - the kind of modern rustic look you'd expect to find in a place called "Round Top".   Firepits and lawns, plenty of room to step outside and enjoy coffee or cocktails.  There is an easy feel about the place.  It offers you the perfect escape from the concrete highways and cities that aren't too far away.  

Family owned and run - if you stay there, I'm certain you'll meet Judy. She's the perfect Texas hostess.

  Farmstead Round Top| Modern Rustic B&B| Round Top, Texas (farmsteadatroundtop.com)




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