Where to Stay in Round Top - The Poppy

Where to Stay in Round Top - The Poppy

Waking up groggy in the back seat of the car after a long family vacation.  Seeing a familiar landmark was a relief especially after hours riding next to my older brother.  Knowing we were close to home meant I could finally be in my own room instead of inches away from siblings in the car.

As our small town expanded surrounding farm/ranch land was purchased and developed.  On the corner of a main street lived Sandy, a sweet old swaybacked horse.  When you saw Sandy you knew you were minutes from home.

Sandy was on choice commercial property, but the owner wouldn't sell.  Eventually a deal was negotiated, and it allowed Sandy to live out her days on the land.  Construction or development would not happen as long as Sandy was alive.  The town didn't claim her as a mascot, but the kids certainly did.   After Sandy passed away a shopping center was built on the pasture.  And at the corner where Sandy would reach her head over the fence, a McDonald's was built.  The franchise owner did hang a black and white photo of Sandy in the dining area.  That picture is still there.

Driving into Round Top from home I have a landmark.  It's a sweet blue cottage just across from the Feed Store on SH 237.  It's a precious home - bright blue with white trim, a front and back porch - easy to spot on the drive in.  Maybe it's the shade of blue or the red wagon that you can usually spot by the back firepit - but there is something about the house that makes me smile.  (The owners are really great too - that may have something to do with it as well).

It's available for bookings, year-round and during the show.  We did a photo shoot there recently and I'm even more smitten. You don't even need to turn on the crystal chandelier in the dining room because the windows fill the space with natural light.  Furnished in true Round Top style, it's a beautiful space but not showy, it feels like a home.  Comfortable rooms and plenty of cozy spots to curl up and read in.  I can easily imagine sharing the porch with girlfriends talking about our finds of the day during the show.

It's my landmark.  I hope it will become yours too. 

The Poppy


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