Winter Show / Blue Hills

Winter Show / Blue Hills

A collection of my favorite pictures from Blue Hills’ Winter Shows.  The picture of  me in the coat and the beanie …  this was from my first ever Blue Hills Winter Show. 

I’m not a fan of having my photo taken but sometimes it’s part of this process.  It was set up day and I was in a great mood so I had my friend Sarah with High Noon Market take this picture.  

I actually liked how it turned out!  I didn’t have any reservations about posting it to social media at all.  Later that evening my mom called …. “You know you look like a lobster fisherman in that picture don’t you?”  Dammit …..

She was being funny and she wasn’t wrong.  I do look like I got off a boat from catching fish.  Made me laugh, but I still like the picture.  Mostly because it’s a memory from one of the best weekends ever.  

I was so thrilled with and proud of my coats, I knew they were “magic”.  My customers at the time hadn’t caught on just yet.  This was when things changed.

That was the show when everyone else fell in love with the coats, the fabrics, the story …  That was the show when I accidentally got tipsy on mead because it was so cold and I thought I was drinking hot apple cider.  That was the show when after breaking down and loading up I sat in my car by myself and sobbed for 20 min - because I was tired, humbled, and excited for what was about to happen for some of SAPANA’s makers.

The picture of the three women - mother and two daughters - another emotional one for me.  They were textile lovers and they understood and respected the work of the original sewist of the kantha quilts used to make their coats.  Danny from Country Sunshine in her orange coat - that was when I saw someone else feel like I did when I put on my coat.  And the group photo … I did NOT hate taking this picture.  I loved it.  And I love this group of Alabama girls so very much.

January 18 - 21st will be my third time at Blue Hills for the Round Top Winter Show.  Heidi Houston and I will be sharing a space again in Barn B.  Save the Date.   Make travel arrangements now and come on!  Our showroom on Henkel Square will be open too.  Come by and say hello at one or both places!


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