Wish List

Have you heard us say "everyone has their coat"?  We sincerely mean it.  
Watching you find your one - we, love it.
Remember, our coats are made from one of a kind, vintage kantha quilts. We can't make guarantees.  But, we are happy to try and find the one you've been dreaming of.  

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Tell us about your dream coat.
You'll be added to wish list data base and as new inventory arrives, if we see your coat we will reach out to you!
Keep in mind, this truly is a "wish list".  We pull blankets with customer requests in mind, but we can't make promises.  Time frame?  Sometimes we might have it in current inventory, you never know!  Other times, it may take months to find your perfect coat.  So, don't let that stop you from continuing to shop online or coming into the Round Top store.